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106750 - Central Distribution
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2701 North Decatur Road
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Job Summary: Delivers supplies and equipment to patient care areas efficiently, accurately, and punctually. Maintains the computerized inventory system in a timely and accurate manner. Plans, organizes, and controls movement of supplies and equipment throughout the healthcare system. Receives, stores, and accurately issues all items stored in inventory (stock). Processes (from decontamination to terminal cleaning) all reusable patient item, equipment, and/or carts and returning them to clean storage or user department.


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Maintains adequate supply levels on all assigned patient pars and patient care areas (nursing units, surgery, emergency, etc.).
  2. Replenishes all par supply areas in a neat and orderly fashion utilizing proper stock rotation.
  3. Coordinates and facilitate the exchange of supply/code carts.
  4. Appropriately inventories and replenishes supply exchange/code carts using counts sheets and storeroom request forms.
  5. Appropriately handles supplies and equipment to ensure sterility and infection control.
  6. Controls and issues patient care equipment (suction machines, etc.) – ensures that equipment is clean, available, and in fully operational condition.
  7. Handles communication from patient care floors and user department.
  8. Performs, and/or aids in cleaning of supply storerooms as scheduled and as needed.
  9. Assists clinical staff with identification of supplies and available alternative, when requested.
  10. Performs periodic inventories to prove the accuracy of the supply chain system.
  11. Receives, inspects, verifies, and accepts/rejects all supplies and equipment delivered to the organization.
  12. Accurately utilizes/processes all necessary paperwork/documentation, such as packing slips, bills of lading, receiving reports, control copies, pick tickets, and logs.
  13. Prepares all items for return shipment and coordinates this with the user department and materials coordinator or purchasing
  14. Accurately prepares and processes all inventory documentation pertaining to storage and distribution of supplies, including delivery slips, receiving reports, stock issue requisition, return-to-stock credits, return to vendors etc.
  15. Maintains neat and accurate files; maintain a neat, clean work environment and use good clean storage and distribution techniques.
  16. Performs proper location, rotation, identification, documentation, and organization of supplies.
  17. Handles and stores sterile supplies to protect the integrity of the sterility.
  18. Collaborates with materials coordinator and/or department management to identify and resolves issues pertaining to supplies levels that frequently fall below reorder points or critically low levels.
  19. Performs distribution/delivery of supplies on a scheduled basis.
  20. Ensures that proper patient charge sticker is attached to patient chargeable supplies when necessary.
  21. Consults directly with clinical/nursing staff in assigned areas to determine the need for additions or deletions in relations to the par level system.
  22. Correctly fills all requisition from user departments.
  23. Collaborates with materials coordinator and/or department management to resolve concerns pertaining to critical back-order situations.
  24. Leads a small core team in the daily functions of the Central Distribution Department.
  25. Ensures that duties and processes are performed in a standardized format.
  26. Coaches, guides, and assists in the development of team members; assists management in resolving dysfunctional behavior by facilitating problem solving and collaboration with other department leadership.
  27. Creates and maintains channels of communication within core team in an effort to establish trust and cohesiveness among team members.
  28. Establishes and maintains healthy team dynamics with core team members as well as with other teams.
  29. Ensures that team members have the necessary knowledge and training to effectively participate in daily tasks and activities.
  30. Keeps team focus and on task.
  31. Appropriately delegates and manage all core team duties.
  32. Works with internal and external department leadership to obtain the necessary resources to support the needs of the customers.
  33. Keeps departments managers (internal and external) informed of issues, unusual circumstances and/or problems that occur.
  34. Completes duties in a timely/efficient manner, prioritize responsibilities to ensure completion of duties, and demonstrates knowledge of overall function of the Central Distribution Department.
  35. Accepts responsibility for own growth and development through in-services, required programs, and continuing education courses.
  36. Performs other duties as assigned to meet the goals and objectives of DeKalb Medical.


Patient Population Served (check all that apply):



(Birth to 1Yr)      (1-12 Yrs)               (13-17 yrs)               (18-64 yrs)         (65 yrs & older)


Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  1. Skill and ability to communicate verbally, including public-speaking, and in writing.
  2. Skill and ability to make decisions and solve problems by identifying creative options and/or solutions.
  3. Skill and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and priorities within a fast-paced environment.
  4. Skill and ability to anticipate, manage, and adapt to change.
  5. Skill and ability to operate independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
  6. Skill and ability to gather and summarize data from multiple sources.
  7. Skill and ability to manage internal and external relationships.
  8. Skill and ability to lead and take initiative.
  9. Skill and ability to handle balance a changing workload.
  10. Skill and ability to be flexible and adaptable in an evolving environment.
  11. Skill and ability to properly handle and resolve escalated issues.
  12. Skill and ability to facilitate team meetings using problem solving, decision making, and project planning techniques.
  13. Skill and ability to delegate team tasks/duties appropriately and as needed.
  14. Skill and ability to manage team conflicts so that problems are resolved constructively.
  15. Skill and ability to escalate issues that cannot be resolved to manager.
  16. Ability to motivate and inspire team members.
  17. Ability to familiarize the team with customer needs, specifications, expectations to appropriately support performance and customer satisfaction.
  18. Ability to lead by setting a good example (role model).


Minimum Education, Experience and Licensure Required:

A high school diploma (or GED) and four years of job related experience is required. Basic Knowledge of computer, office equipment, and inventory control system


Reporting Relationships:

Manager and Assistant Manager of Central Distribution (May also report the Materials Coordinator)


Degree of Supervision:

Under General Supervision


Access to Patient Data Requirements:


This position requires the following access to Patient Data: (check the appropriate box)



Patient Data Classification





Information approved for release to the public.  May be disseminated upon request without potential harm.

Patient Name, condition and room number only


Internal Use

Unauthorized disclosure may cause some harm to DRHS, its employees or patients.

Non-medical patient data beyond name, condition and room number, which may include internal directories, organizational memos, routine correspondence



Unauthorized disclosure could adversely impact DRHS, its employees or patients.

Patient medical records, appointment, treatment, and financial data, purchasing information, vendor contracts, and internal audit reports containing patient information


Restricted Confidential

Unauthorized disclosure likely to result in significant adverse impact, embarrassment or penalties to DRHS, its employees or patients.

Legally protected and sensitive medical data - HIV, mental health/substance abuse treatment, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, physical or sexual abuse. 



Type 1: For non-clinical positions which must have access to Protected Health Information (PHI)

This position requires access to Protected Health Information (PHI).   The information accessed is limited to the minimum necessary PHI required to perform the employee’s job (i.e. for claim processing, patient admissions, etc.)   PHI is accessed through various computer applications, direct contact with the patient or family members and/or contact with hospital departments such as Health Information Services, Case Management, and/or hospital departments with whom interaction is necessary.


Core Accountability

The employee complies with HIPAA requirements by protecting the confidentiality of Protected Health Information, accessing only that information that is required to perform his/her job, and by discussing PHI only with others within DRHS who have a legitimate business reason to access the information.


Physical/Mental/Special Demands:

  1. Ability to remain calm and provide excellent service in stressful situations
  2. Ability to deal with diverse people
  3. Ability to work at a rapid pace with numerous interruptions
  4. Ability to function with minimum supervision
  5. Ability to be tactful, flexibility, versatile
  6. Able to be a self-starter/self-motivator

Working Conditions & Hazards:

  1. Ability to bend/stoop/stand/squat 95% of the time.
  2. Ability to push supply floats, exchange/code carts 75% of the time.
  3. Must be able to lift, move, or position weights up to 50lbs.
  4. Ability to hear alarms, BP’s, call bells, phones, intercoms.
  5. Ability to see, read, and write.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in English.
  7. Possibility of exposure to communicable disease.
  8. Any physical strain due to moving supplies and equipment.
  9. Potential exposure to blood and bodily fluids.
  10. Potential exposure to chemicals.
  11. Potential equipment and device/product hazards.
  12. Potential lifting hazards.
  13. Repetitive movements required.
  14. Potential ergonomic issues.





The job description documents the general nature and level of work but is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all activities, duties and responsibilities required of job incumbents. Consequently, job incumbents may be asked to perform other duties as required.




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